Artist portrait

olivia ashcraft

I'm Olivia Ashcraft, an undergraduate graphic design student at the University of West Florida. I come from a close-knit family, and I have lived in the Florida Panhandle my entire life. Both my mother, grandmother, and aunt are all artists, and art was always what I chose to pursue, even during my grade school years. I love creating all types of art, including painting, graphic designing, and photography. Other than art, I enjoy playing video games, binge-watching TV shows, listening to music, and experimenting with makeup. After graduating with my Bachelor's degree, I would love to own a freelance graphic design business and simultaneously work on a graphic design team. Besides that, I'm just looking forward to where my life takes me in the future.

Beginning at a young age, I was drawing in my room every Saturday morning, accumulating hundreds of sheets of printer paper covered with my childhood drawings. I come from a line of artists on both sides of my family, so this was not a surprise. As I grew up I dove more into art, and I took an interest in digital scrapbooking and blogging. Those lead me to new interests in graphic design, photography, web design, and social media. I love the interaction and blurry lines between art, technology, and our lives. With my art, I hope to create functional, inspiring, and unique projects for a variety of consumers, both commercial and personal.